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First Aid at Work Registration

In response to the ever-expanding market, many independent First Aid at Work Instructors have sought approval from the Health and Safety Executive with view to registering their own F.A.W. courses. However, Health and Safety Executive approval is not easily obtainable.  The process can be difficult; confusing; time consuming, and may result in disappointment.


In order to overcome this, ARTCON offer a simple and inexpensive service. We will register the course with the H.S.E., supply you with all the necessary course documents, and issue certificates. Costs for this service are low, with only a small fee being payable for each certificate issued. No other costs are incurred. Registration of all courses by ARTCON will be subject to the client's agreement to the terms and conditions, which will be discussed with you in advance.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to learn more about our First Aid at Work Registration Scheme, please phone us on 0208 510 9469 or email us for more details.